Wind Turbine

30 years of Inspection experience now active in the wind energy sector.
Highly skilled rope access personnel with unparalleled knowledge & expertise.
Our state-of-the-art drone technology reduces you downtime and cost.




Inspection services we can provide:

  • UAV Blade Inspection (in winds up to 35mph)
  • Weld defect inspection using non-destructive (NDT) methods
  • Thermal Imaging of generators, electrical components and gearboxes
  • Bolt torque and ultrasonic stretch testing
  • Resistivity and hardness testing
  • 3D mapping and surveying – both drone and terrestrial based

Support and Maintenance services

  • Blade cleaning and repair
  • Rope access services or support
  • Working at Height rescue team
  • Inspection and rope access audit and review service
  • Inspection consultancy
  • Level 3 NDT procedure services


Utilising a fleet of all weather drones capable of flying in winds up to 35mph (9mph stronger than our nearest competitor) and cameras providing 30x optical zoom, we are able to inspect the turbines from a safe distance in poor weather conditions where others would be subject to downtime. Even with these high winds we are still able to provide stabilised HD video and high resolution images with excellent detail and clarity to help progress the job and make an accurate condition assessment easy.

The Matrix AI team are  dedicated and focused and we understand  how important it is to turnaround the turbine inspection as quickly and safely as practicable. We have no issues planning our days and working shifts to fit in with windows of opportunity where required.

We will provide you with accurate and detailed inspection reports that will allow your technical team to make the correct assessment first time. The inspection of wind turbines with the use of drones is approximately 4x faster than traditional rope access methods. However, we know that one inspections technique rarely provides all the answers so, with our expert in house level 3 rope access team leaders, we can also provide you with follow up inspections and rope access services should it be required, providing your your company with a complete solution to your inspection and maintenance strategy.


  • Drone inspection and surveying
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Conventional and Advanced NDT
  • Rope Access
  • Support services
  • Onshore and offshore wind turbine inspection
  • ToFD weld inspection for fatigue cracking
  • Phased array inspection of the blades
  • Certified Level 2 ISO 9712 visual inspectors
  • IRATA Level 1, 2 & 3 rope access technicians
  • One team one solution
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Cost effective and fast turnarounds
  • Excellent industry track record
  • Safety is always first



- Frequently asked questions

• Can you live stream your data from the UAV operation?

Yes, quite easily, so long as there is WIFI or 4G connectivity we can live stream to anywhere that has an internet connection through our secure web portal.

• Which inspection method would you select for a wind turbine blade showing signs of bulging or deformation?

Its important to gather as much information as you can before making a final decision on the appropriate inspection technique, each have there advantages and limitations, but phased array ultrasonic may be an option for this type of anomaly. More information would be required before making an informed decision

• How long can your UAV stay in the air for?

It depends on a few factors, but in good weather and with a standard payload you can expect around 30 to 40min

• What is the weight of the drone with full payload?

It depends on which drone we select for the work scope. However our most commonly used inspection drone weighs 6.7kg with full payload