Utility & Infrastructure

Dams, bridges, power lines – we inspect them all.
Our knowledge,experience & state-of-the-art technology covers every square inch of the facility.
We provide detailed condition analysis no matter how far, or how extreme.
Aberdeen or Azerbaijan? We’ve been there and done it.


Inspection services we can provide:

  • Structural Inspection of steel and concrete structures
  • Railway infrastructure visual inspection and follow up Non-Destructive Testing
  • Powerline tower inspection and thermal imaging
  • Communication towers and dishes
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Bolt torque and ultrasonic stretch testing
  • Resistivity and hardness testing
  • 3D mapping and surveying – both drone and terrestrial based

Support and Maintenance services

  • Rope Access Services
  • Working at height support
  • Inspection and rope access audit and review services
  • Inspection consultancy
  • Level 3 NDT procedure services


Utilising a fleet of all weather drones capable of flying in winds up to 35mph (9mph stronger than our nearest competitor) and cameras providing 30x optical zoom, we are able to inspect from a safe distance in challenging weather conditions where others would be subject to downtime. Even with these challenging condtions we are still able to provide stabilised HD video and high resolution images with excellent detail and clarity to help progress the job and make accurate condition assessments easier.

Rapid deployment of our drone team and equipment. Fast turnaround of inspection reports with detailed and accurate assessments ensure that the planned inspection will be executed safely and at the right cost.  We can provide you with a follow up inspection or repair services as required.


  • Drone inspection and surveying
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Conventional and Advanced ndt
  • Rope Access
  • Support services
  • 35 years inspection experience
  • IRATA level 1, 2 & 3 rope access technicians
  • Certified Level 2 ISO 9712 visual inspectors
  • Certified by the welding institute (TWI)
  • Ability to recommend follow up NDT inspections
  • One team one solution
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Cost effective and fast turnarounds
  • Excellent industry track record
  • Safety is always first


- Frequently asked questions

• Can you live stream your data from the UAV operation?

Yes, quite easily, so long as there is WIFI or 4G connectivity we can live stream to anywhere that has an internet connection through our secure web portal.

• How does the drone cope with electromagnetic interference from the likes of power lines and satellite dishes?

The UAV (drone) we use has been rigorously tested by TÜV to guarantee operations fought with electromagnetic interference. If for some reason the UAV did experience interference it would do one of two things, it would either attempt to head back to its take off location or, would drop out of GPS positioning and the pilot would need to fly in manual positioning mode, something we are trained to do as professional pilots.

• How long can your UAV stay airborne?

It depends on a few factors, but in good weather and with a standard payload you can expect around 30 to 40min

• What is the weight of the drone with full payload?

It depends on which drone we select for the work scope. However our most commonly used inspection drone weighs 6.7kg with full payload