Oil & Gas

 Three decades of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry.  Consistent results from start to finish.


UAV services we can provide:

  • Internal inspection of tanks, legs and vessels using highly sophisticated drone technology with anti-collision software
  • Dropped object surveys
  • Structural inspections
  • Pipeline and pipework inspections
  • Flare boom and Flare tip inspections – utilising 30x optical zoom and thermal camera in one visit
  • Underdeck structural, riser and pipework inspection
  • Thermal imaging
  • 3D Imaging and mapping surveys, both onshore and offshore

Further to the UAV inspections we can offer:

  • Rope access surveys and follow up inspections
  • Conventional and advanced NDT inspection (in-service and fabrication)
  • Onshore workpack development and support
  • Audit and review services
  • Inspection consultancy
  • Level 3 NDT procedure and technique development


We use the most advanced equipment when working offshore and plan every detail meticulously to ensure our work is carried out at the highest level and with safety at the forefront of all our actions. Our product will save you time, is cost effective and will provide you with all the information you need to assist your technical staff in making the correct assessment first time round.

The team is dedicated to providing you a fast turnaround with the least amount of hassle and cost to you and your company.


  • UAV inspection and surveying
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Conventional and Advanced ndt
  • Rope access
  • Onshore support services
  • Shutdown support
  • Underdeck and CSE drone / rope access inspections
  • Onshore and offshore inspection
  • Corrosion mapping 
  • ToFD weld root corrosion inspection
  • Phased array welds inspection
  • Safety is always first
  • One team one solution
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Cost effective and fast turnarounds
  • Excellent industry track record
  • Teamwork


- Frequently asked questions

• Can you live stream your data from the UAV operation?

Yes, quite easily, so long as there is WIFI or 4G connectivity we can live stream to anywhere that has an internet connection through our secure web portal.

• When working overside what are the minimum requirement for personnel

When working overside the minimum team size is three. if the workscope is complex or requires a techncian to be out of site then the team size would be increased to four so that we have line of sight with the technician.

• How long can your UAV stay in the air for?

It depends on a few factors, but in good weather and with a standard payload you can expect around 30 to 40min

• Could you mount a UT probe to your drone and carry out inspections?

Yes, its possible, but every job would need to be assessed for suitability of this application and what results are expected. In most cases offshore you could just as quickly have a rope access team conduct the work, there are very few places a well experienced rope access team couldn't get to. Also, when conducting UT; surface condition, probe contact and couplant are very important in achieving optimum sound transmission and response, single spot check readings rarely yield much more information than a reflected sound thickness and this does not always originate from the intended target. It is best practice to scan the component ensuring you are seeing the true thickness or, correctly identifying corrosion.