Creating  high resolution 3D models/maps, providing DSM imagery data to support mapping and volumetric measurement information accurate to within 5% is a few of the many applications our mapping and photogrammetry service can provide you – see below and check out our images and videos.  


3D modelling & surveying services we can provide:

  • External & internal 3D point cloud modelling of buildings & structures
  • High quality rendered 3D modelled video footage with the option to plan & design your own fly/walk through camera angles
  • Crop mapping
  • Land surveying & volumetric stockpile measurements, accurate to within 5%
  • Forestry mapping

Further services we can offer:

  • Aerial & land photography
  • Aerial 5K film footage


With the use of autonomous flight planning software we can quickly and accurately map or survey your specific target or area with a high-resolution of approximately 5cm pixel per Ground Sampling Distance (GSD). This resolution can be increased or decreased further depending on the specific requirements of the project .

For inspection; visualize structural details from multiple angles, model thermal behaviour of buildings or panels, and export orthophotos from any plane.

With the software we have we can create a georeferenced image database for safe and efficient post-flight inspection.

Collaboration is key to a project or operation going well, and we know that so, we can share and annotate all of our data online using a cloud based service providing a link to the data for real time updates.


  • Drone inspection and surveying
  • Aerial & Terrestrial scanning
  • VR Presentations
  • Volumetric Measuring
  • Support services
  • Historical buildings
  • Landmarks
  • Derelict buildings
  • Mining and Quarry works
  • Photography
  • One team one solution
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Cost effective and fast turnarounds
  • Collaboration 
  • Safety is always first



- Frequently asked questions

• Can you live stream your data from the UAV operation?

Yes, quite easily, so long as there is WIFI or 4G connectivity we can live stream to anywhere that has an internet connection through our secure web portal.

• Which inspection method would you select for a wind turbine blade showing signs of bulging or deformation?

Its important to gather as much information as you can before making a final decision on the appropriate inspection technique, each have there advantages and limitations, but phased array ultrasonic may be an option for this type of anomaly. More information would be required before making an informed decision

• How long can your UAV stay in the air for?

It depends on a few factors, but in good weather and with a standard payload you can expect around 30 to 40min

• What is the weight of the drone with full payload?

It depends on which drone we select for the work scope. However our most commonly used inspection drone weighs 6.7kg with full payload